Rs. 6089/-Govt. Fee extra
Private Limited company registration with DSC, DIN, name approval, incorporation fee, PAN, TAN, share certificates and company kit and one year TDS filing and trademark registration.

Uninterrupted Existance

A company has 'perpetual succession', that is continued or uninterrupted existence until it is legally dissolved. A company, being a separate legal person, is unaffected by the death or other departure of any member but continues to be in existence irrespective of the changes in membership.

 Advantages of Private Limited Company (PVT LTD)

Borrowing Capacity

A company enjoys better avenues for borrowing of funds. It can issue debentures, secured as well as unsecured and can also accept deposits from the public, etc. Even banking and financial institutions prefer to render large financial assistance to a company rather than partnership firms or proprietary concerns.

​​​Private Limited Company ​(PVT LTD)

Easy Transferability

Shares of a company limited by shares are transferable by a shareholder to any other person. Filing and signing a share transfer form and handing over the buyer of the shares along with share certificate can easily transfer shares.

Separate Legal Entity

A company is a legal entity and a juristic person established under the Act. Therefore a company form of organization has wide legal capacity and can own property and also incur debts. The members (Shareholders/Directors) of a company have no liability to the creditors of a company for such debts.

Owning Property

A company being a juristic person, can acquire, own, enjoy and alienate, property in its own name. No shareholder can make any claim upon the property of the company so long as the company is a going concern.


   Rs. 4500/-   Govt. Fee extra

Private Limited company registration with DSC, DIN, name approval, incorporation fee, PAN, TAN, share certificates and company kit and one year TDS filing.

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Private Limited Company Registration

Private Limited Companies are those types of companies where a minimum number of members is two and the maximum number is two hundred. A private limited company has the limited liability of members but at the same time, it has many characteristics as those of a partnership firm. A private limited company has all the advantages of partnership namely flexibility, a greater capital combination of different and diversified abilities, etc., and at the same time, it has advantages of limited liability, greater stability, and legal entity. In this sense, a private limited company stands between partnership and widely owned public company. Identifying marks of a private limited company are a name, a number of members, shares, formation, management, directors, and meetings, etc., The maximum number of directors shall have to be mentioned in the Articles of Association. In the grand of privileges and exemptions, the Companies Act has drawn a distinction between an independent private company and other private company which is a subsidiary of the other public company.

Limited Liability

Limited Liability means the status of being legally responsible only to a limited amount for debts of a company. Unlike proprietorships and partnerships, in a limited liability company the liability of the members in respect of the company's debts is limited.


   Rs. 3500/- Govt. Fee extra

Private Limited company registration with Director Identification Number (DIN) (DIR 3), Digital Signature (DSC), Name Approval (INC 1),  MOA, AOA & Company Incorporation (INC 7, DIR 12, INC 22, Stamp Duty), PAN, TAN and company kit.

Easily Register a PVT. LTD.

A private limited company is the most popular corporate entity amongst small, medium and large businesses in India due to various advantages.  
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