Lt. Indra Kishore  Sharma

Visionary & Industrialist

Mr. Raj kiran Sharma


Founded by dynamic & well-qualified professionals. Workcon Group (Lexcore Technology Private Limited) provides a complete range of integrated industrial support services to the worldwide community & helps individual, firms, industrialist & corporate department receive value for money services in the area of Research & Development. With the belief, we help business start-ups to realize their dreams of owning successful business enterprises. 

Mrs. Manju Sharma


The motive behind the formation of Workcon Group (Lexcore Technology Private Limited) is to empower budding and small entrepreneurs in establishing their businesses. The business consulting industry is changing rapidly, driven by the today’s business environment and challenging economic conditions. It is important for consulting company to possess a depth of competence in a range of services that span the spectrum of clients’ business needs where our commitment is to not only advice but also help clients in establishing and growing their businesses.

We at the Workcon Group bind ourselves into the agreement of completing all formalities of work once your payment is honored there are no hidden charges. Our work includes not only applying for registration but also to see that all the formalities which arise from time to time like, replying to the letters of formalities check report, examination search report, acceptances report and any other communication issued by government authority/offices, till the time the full project is granted. We can assist you with gathering and understanding all the information required to create an efficient market entry strategy for India, helping you reduce costs by preventing mistakes at the very start of your expansion plan. We extensively support companies in setting up their Human Resource and Administration processes during the initial phase of operations.